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clip_image002Many benefits of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (“PEMF”) therapy have been demonstrated through more than 2,000 University level double-blind medical studies done in many countries with many different PEMF therapy devices. Some of the positive effects of PEMF therapy were well established by the mid 1900’s. The first commercially produced low power PEMF devices entered the market in the ear1y 1900s. These were used for studies and experimentation in healing and cellular wellness. They were sold to both consumers and as medical devices to doctors. The first commercially produced high power PEMF devices entered the market around 1975. They focused on muscle, nerve, tendon, and ligament and cartilage health, on reducing pain and on regeneration. Medical PEMF therapy has been accepted in many countries around the wor1d. The US FDA accepted the use of PEMF devices in the healing of non-union bone fractures in 1979, urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation in 1998, and depression and anxiety in 2006. Israel has accepted the use of PEMF devices in for migraine headaches. Canada has accepted PEMF devices for several uses. The European Union has many acceptances for the use of PEMF therapy in many areas including healing and recovery from trauma,degeneration and the treatment of the pain associated with these conditions.

Differences in PEMF Therapy Devices

· Power Level
PEMF upper-and-lower-extremities PEMF8000The magnetic energy produced by the various PEMF devices can be as little as that of the Earth’s magnetic field to more than 10,000 times as powerful. The lower power devices are generally used for cellular health and bone healing. The higher power devices are generally used for recovery of trauma from accidents, sports injuries and surgery, as well as for control and improvement of degenerative diseases. Both low power and high power devices help reduce pain, but the higher power devices are more effective in doing so.

· Continuous or Pulsed medical Waveform
Although there are exceptions in both types, most low power PEMF devices have a continuous waveform while most high power PEMF devices have a pulsed waveform.

· Shape of Waveform
The continuous waveform PEMF devices can produce a square, a saw tooth or a sine wave. The pulsed output PEMF devices usually produce a biphasic sine wave.

· Control of Frequency
Many low power PEMF devices have preset frequencies to choose from according to the manufacturers’ own different theories. Most high power PEMF devices have a user variable control of the frequency.

· Duration of Treatment
Depending on the power level of the PEMF device, the treatment duration can be from three minutes to hours. Primary Benefits of High Power PEMF Clinical evidence shows that PEMF therapy reduces pain associated ‘with trauma from accidents, sports injuries, surgeries and bums as well as from disease and degeneration

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   PEMF therapy improves these conditions in many different ways that include mechanical, electrical, chemical, and magnetic processes within the cells of the body. In 1995, Siskin and Walker provided a summary of clinical results on soft tissue damage. They observed no adverse effects and the following positive effects were reported:

· Decreased pain

· Reduced inflammation

· Increased range of motion

· Faster functional recovery

· Reduced muscle loss after surgery

· Increased tensile strength in ligaments

· Faster healing of skin wounds

· Enhanced capillary foundation

· Acceleration of nerve regeneration

· And decreased tissue necrosis.

In the book “Therapeutic effects of pulsed magnetic fields on joint diseases~. Bassett C. (Bioelectric Research Center, Columbia University New York) applied time-varying pulsed magnetic fields designed to induce voltages similar to those produced nominally during the dynamic mechanical detonation of connective tissues in an effort to control cellular function and understand the mechanism of PEMF treatment and concluded: “As a result, a wide variety of challenging musculoskeletal disorders has been treated successfully over the past two decades. As understanding of mechanisms expands, specific requirements for field energetics are being defined and the range of treatable ills broadened. These include nerve regeneration, wound healing, graft behavior, diabetes, and myocardial and cerebral ischemia (heart attack and stroke), among other conditions. Preliminary data even suggest possible benefits in controlling malignancy•.

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Improve Your Wellness with Magnetic Pulse PEMF Therapy


Improve Your Wellness with Magnetic Pulse Therapy

Pemf 8000 PainYou can make your muscle groups work with magnetic pulse therapy without putting a lot of efforts within. This therapy excites the muscle mass to contract and flake out for several times in a minute. Hence they enhance energy and get healthier. Along with working up your tissue muscles, this therapy also provides other health benefits like reducing pain. Therefore, this is a great alternative to various medicines and it really works. Magnetic pulse therapy is yet a new type of medicinal therapy that is proven to work really very well. There are several people who try it to enjoy several health benefits.

If you choose to get magnetic pulse therapy knee, you should consider it because it can help certain body systems to be active once again. This therapy directs the waves of electromagnetic energy and pulses around your body. Electromagnetic therapy apparatus has several variations and everyone have their own pros and cons. Before you buy an apparatus, make sure to consider the options available for your health. Know the products and services which may be suitable for you so that you can shop along on the web and in physical stores.
pemf8000There are several apparatuses readily available in the market for magnetic pulse therapy. Make sure to know a little about them before buying. To make this therapy work, several technologies have been used. All of these apparatuses have their own benefits and cons and it is important to know both sides. Ask few questions about the machines before you make a hectic investment. Know the science behind magnetic pulse therapy so that you will be confident while buying the machine of electromagnetic therapy. You may also be able to buy the product you desire which can help you fulfill your diverse needs. It may also be helpful to please your muscles. For more details visit here:-

The Essence of Magnetic Pulse Therapy

We may be not able to feel it, but inside all of our bodies there is a constantly changing electrical storm. All of us that are alive rely on that electric energy to tell our cells what to do, and how they can achieve it. Our brain can only send out those commands because of that electricity, and when the current changes or it is not efficient enough, our whole body will lose some of its effectiveness. When that happens, we can develop diseases or different medical conditions.

Pemf 8000 Device 20000 Gauss

Everything can be traced back to that energy
The electric current in our body will determine our ability to feel pleasure and how we perceive pain. The question lingers, what if we could influence or maybe even harness that energy and send it to “work” wherever we need it within our body? Wouldn't that be great? Well, this is magnetic pulse therapy in a nutshell. The device uses our body’s ability to manipulate electric currents and the magnetic fields that those currents cause.
Pain regulation is the key
Pemf 8000 PainWhen we are talking about the single biggest advantage of pulse therapy, we cannot leave out pain perception. Even if we are totally healthy in our younger years, chances are that we will have to face significant pain at one point or another during our lifetime. That pain sometimes is simply too much, and while drugs and medicines can be effective, they come with their own side-effects, not to mention our body can develop some serious resistance towards them, at which point they cease to be effective. Pulse therapy offers a non-invasive way of dealing with pain, and although it obviously cannot completely eliminate it in some cases, it represents a quality choice that does not cause any unwanted side effects. For more details check here:-

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Charlie pemf 8000 conventiom




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Effects of Magnetic Pulse Therapy have been studied in:

Alzheimer’s Disease • Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis • Arthritis • Asthma • Atherosclerosis • Bone Healing • Bronchitis • Burns • Cervical Osteoarthritis • Chronic Venous Insufficiency • Dental Problems • Depression • Diabetes • Elbow Pain • Endometriosis/Endometritis • Epilepsy • Eye Disorders • Facial Nerve Neuropathy/Paralysis • Fibromyalgia • Glaucoma • Gynecology • Headache • Hearing Loss • Heart Disease • Herpetic Stomatitis • Hypertension • Insomnia • Kidney Failure/Inflammation/Stones • Knee Pain • Laryngeal Inflammation • Leprosy • Limb Lengthening • Liver/ Hepatitis • Lupus Erythematosus • Lymphadenitis • Mandibular Osteomyelitis • Maxillofacial Disorders • Migraine • Multiple Sclerosis • Muscle Rehabilitation • Muscular Dystrophy • Neck Pain • Nerve Regeneration • Neuropathy • Optic Nerve Atrophy • Osteochondrosis • Osteoporosis • Pain • Pancreatitis • Parkinson’s Disease • Paroxysmal Dyskinesia • Pelvic Pain • Peptic – Duodenal Ulcer • Periodontitis • Pneumonia • Poisoning – Detoxification • Post-Mastectomy • Post-Polio Syndrome • Post-Herpetic Pain • Prostatitis • Pseudoarthrosis • Psoriasis • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Schizophrenia • Seasonal Affective Disorder • Shoulder Pain • Sinusitis • Sleep – Insomnia • Spinal Cord Injury • Stroke • Tendonitis • Tinnitus • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation • Trophic Ulcer • Tubal Pregnancy • Tuberculosis • Urinary Incontinence • Urinary Inflammation – Trauma • Uterine Myoma • Vasomotor Rhinitis • Vestibular Dysfunction • Whiplash • Wound Healing • Wrinkles.

Besides addressing specific conditions, many health promoting benefits have been reported, including increased energy and availability of oxygen, enhanced transport of ions (calcium, potassium, sodium) across cell membranes, improved circulation, enhanced sleep, pain relief and stress reduction. There is speculation that regular PEMF treatment may increase longevity and quality of life.

Magnetic fields pass through the body as if it were transparent which may account for many, far-reaching and systemic effects.

Reported effects also include:

• Vasodilation• Reduction of edema• Reduced platelet adhesion• Fibrinolysis• Acceleration of enzyme reactions
• Enhanced calcium, sodium and other ion movement• Muscle relaxation• Stimulation of nitric oxide production• Enhanced membrane function
• Enhanced sodium – potassium exchange• Improved cellular energy• Immunity changes• Amino acid changes• Reduced nerve cell firing• Repair of soft tissue
• Free radical effects• Anti-oxidant stimulation• Brain Function Effects• Stress Reduction• Hormonal Changes• Learning Changes
• Scar Modification• Enhanced Metabolism• Water Modification
• Electrolyte Changes• Bone Healing• Acceleration of Bone Formation• Autonomic Nervous System Actions
• Enhanced Oxygenation• Inflammation Reduction• Sleep Improvement• Changes in metabolism of medications
• Liver Function Changes• Enhanced Wound Healing• Improved Fertility• Receptor Binding Changes

“PEMF is a benefit for Mankind from infant to the geriatric.
PEMF will lead to a change in the paradigm of medicine.”
Dr. Linus Pauling – Double Nobel Prize Winner




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Thank you for your interest and discovering the most miraculous and exhilarating innovative technology ever created! The PEMF8000 New Generation is dramatically assisting and presently restoring whole health to many clients and patients of the wellness community!

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Who Is PEMF Wellness Technologies?

In the past, people dreamed of what the future might look like. Imagined how people might live in a time when advanced technology provides the solution for today’s worst health problems. Chronic pain due to illness, injury, surgery and old age was the widest reaching incurable health problem in the U.S. and indeed the world in 2015.

I would have say that it “was” the worst incurable health problem because right now you are holding in your hands the key to curing it.

PEMF Wellness Technologies LLC, the original electronic manufacturer (OEM) that invented the PEMF8000. A medical device that relieves chronic pain in as little as  minutes and accelerates patient healing up to three times normal. Because we believe the future starts here.

Our team at PEMF Wellness Technologies developed the PEMF8000 based on existing research proven and published by respected sources. Our personal systematic research and development went toward applying these scientific discoveries to creating a product that satisfies market needs unmet by our competition.

In many cases, we are applying this advanced research to markets that are ‘behind the times’ because they were not exposed to the new information at the time of its discovery.

Our company is the first to apply this never before discovered technology in the form of a new product, the PEMF WELLNESS TECHNOLOGY PEMF8000, and will provide us a profound advantage in the medical and consumer electronics marketplace that we are about to enter.


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Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy has been used to treat almost every conceivable human illness or malady, including many inflammatory diseases such as arthritis or psoriasis and you don’t have to wait for the FDA to approve this treatment for your kind of cancer. All you have to do is choose among the many options in terms of equipment.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT), also called pulsed magnetic therapy, pulse magneto-therapy, or PEMF, is a reparative technique most commonly used in the field of orthopedics for the treatment of non-union fractures, failed fusions, congenital pseudarthrosis and depression. In the case of bone healing, PEMF uses electrical energy to direct a series of magnetic pulses through injured tissue whereby each magnetic pulse induces a tiny electrical signal that stimulates cellular repair.

Many studies have also demonstrated the effectiveness of PEMF in healing soft-tissue wounds, suppressing inflammatory responses at the cell membrane level to alleviate pain and increase range of motion. The value of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been shown to cover a wide range of conditions, with well-documented trials carried out by hospitals, rheumatologists, physiotherapists and neurologists. In years past this has been a very expensive form of therapy using sophisticated equipment, but that has all changed.

Frequency specific pulsed electro-magnetic fields (PEMF) are the most effective and cost-efficient option for the widest range of human and veterinary disorders regardless of etiology. PEMF therapy does not treat medical conditions; instead it up-regulates the body’s functions and optimizes the body’s ability to heal itself.

PEMF provides stunning regenerative effects because these magnetic fields result in cells generating so much naturally derived energy that they are able to heal themselves. A magnetic switch turbochargers cellular energy production and reduces oxidative stress.

Magnetic fields also affect the charge of the cell membrane, which allows membrane channels to open up. These channels are like the doors and windows of a house. By opening cell channels, nutrients are better able to enter the cell, and waste is more easily eliminated from the cell. This helps to rebalance and restore optimum cell function. If you restore enough cells, they will all work more efficiently. Cells of the same type come together to make tissues, and those tissues come together to make organs. So, by restoring or maintaining cellular function, you will, in turn, restore or maintain organ function, allowing the entire body to function better. We all know that the body ages over time. Maintaining the function of every individual cell at an optimal level every day is an important part of slowing aging.

Cellular “injury,” the state of a cell when it is not healthy, leads to disease conditions. Magnetic fields protect against cell injury by improving circulation, repair processes and energy, and increasing special stress proteins in the cells. These proteins are used to prevent cell breakdown and wear and tear as well as help speed recovery from injury. Magnetic fields balance cells, tissues and bodily functions at very fundamental levels, even before damage and problems become obvious to you.”

Hello Fellow Alternative and Health Advocates!

   Thank you so much for you interest in our PEMF8000. PEMF8000 repairs every disease known to man! We have dedicated clients that are Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapy, Hospitals, Clinics, and Pain Centers and also include many Alternative Medicine consumers as well.

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    I have had many years of experience in the ELMT Field, and have also successfully instructed and trained PEMF Clients and Technicians through-out the world.

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Charlie Farricielli

You’ve probably heard a lot about electromagnetic fields. The big one is the magnetic field around the Earth—the molten iron core spinning around establishes a magnetic field around the entire planet, which is great, because it keeps solar radiation from killing everything. It’s also how compasses work, and we know some animals can orient themselves by sensing it when navigating. It’s a pretty powerful thing.

Our bodies require clean air and oxygen, pure water, and food for fuel. After that, some would put the electromagnetic field of the Earth on the list. Pulse electromagnetism is something we need to survive, and studies have shown that separating plants and animals from it causes serious problems and eventually death.

Schumann resonances, or schumann waves, are a frequency emitted when the Earth interacts with lightning strikes. This perpetuates a wave in the magnetic field with a very specific frequency, which is 7.83 Hz. Getting in contact with these waves is very beneficial for the body.

Predictably, this is called Grounding or Earthing, and it’s something we’ve lost touch with. People spend most of their time indoors, and when they touch the ground it’s through shoes lined with polymers and rubbers which insulate and prevent contact. It’s a small change in lifestyle: just take your shoes off and walk in the grass. Sit on the ground to eat your lunch. People report really great benefits from it; they feel better. And studies have shown it improves blood oxygenation, increases serotonin, reduces pain, and helps people sleep better.

So how is that done? The easiest way is simply putting your bare feet and skin on the ground—grass, earth, sand, gravel, even cement will work if it isn’t painted or otherwise covered with a sealant. Asphalt doesn’t work, notably, due to the presence of insulating petrochemicals. But in general you just need to get in touch with the ground.

Clinical Application

Let’s say it’s freezing outside, or you have an infection on your foot, or a serious allergy—for whatever reason, going outside is off the table—now what? Well, there are tools for that. In our clinic, we use a pulse magnetic frequency mat or pillow that can be set to various different frequencies for numerous purposes or conditions. They’re extremely safe; the only people not recommended to use them are those with pacemakers, insulin pumps, cochlear implants, or women who are pregnant. We use the USA-made PEMF8000 system, the same device found in hundreds of hospitals and clinics throughout the world. PEMF therapy was originally developed through collaboration between the Russian space program and NASA.

Pulsed electromagnetic (PEMF) therapy devices like the PEMF8000 take the beneficial mechanisms of standing on the Earth and kick them up a notch. They’re used a lot for bone healing and increasing bone density. In fact, some hospitals use more primitive versions for healing of traumatic bone breaks and non-healing fractures. They are called ‘bone stimulators’, not to be confused with simple TENS unit or muscle stimulation devices. In our clinic we find the technologically advanced PEMF8000 system helpful for just about anything. One of the great effects is improved oxygenation of cells and tissues; basically it does this by increasing Trans membrane Potential, which is a charge or ‘voltage’ on the cell membrane. When the charge is low, the blood cells stick together and carry oxygen less efficiently.

The PEMF8000™ is by far the most advanced and durable PEMF device build yet.
Only the best and most proven high quality components have been used to create this “State of the Art” unit to guarantee fast and long lasting results in a clinical  environment as well as in the private home.

With up to 20000 Gauss, a Hz range from 1 to 100 and a pulse speed of  about 100 nano seconds this device digs deeper than any other PEMF device by charging the cells with a payload of instantly useable energy!

The PEMF8000™ fights chronic pain  at its source by pulsing the body
with an electromagnetic field.

The electricity inhibits bacteria and enables the cells to repair the body, take
in clean nutrients, and remove dangerous toxins more effectively!

The PEMF8000™ is the first of its kind capable of reducing or even
eliminating chronic pain in a matter of minutes.

Dramatic improvements in the body’s condition can be seen and felt starting
with the first treatment and they continue for about 3 days afterward.

Regular treatments create cumulative results, demonstrated by multiple cases of 75 – 100% recovery from permanent conditions such as frozen joints
after therapy for several weeks.

There is no better way to quickly improve your quality of life than with pulsed electromagnetic therapy through the PEMF8000™.

“In the decades to come, bio-electromagnetics will assume a therapeutic importance equal to, or greater than, that of pharmacology and surgery

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